Prednisone Side Effects In Your Dear Cats; Oooops! Give A Thought Before Treatment

Prednisone is the drug which is normally used to treat different allergy and inflammatory problem. But it can also be used to treat other diseases. The prednisone has to be sold only according to the prescription of the veterinarian and it is counted per tablet. The benefit of the prednisone depends on the way it treats many inflammations or autoimmune problems. It is the best medicine for the person who is suffering from itchy skin and swelling. It reduces the allergic reaction, itching, and redness affecting eyes. The drug is capable of suppressing inflammatory responses regardless of their agents. This drug is also the drug which is used for immunosuppressive reasons in case of an organ transplant or in case of adrenal insufficiency.

Important Dos And Donts:

  1. To reduce the cases of serious prednisone side effects in cats, you should never try to give your cat any of over the account medicine without having a prescription for it. You should not give this medicine to your pet if it has a fungal, viral and bacterial infection, because the drug further weakens the immune system which can worsen the cases of such problems.
  2. The veterinarian also has to know if the cat has any of the following problems:
    • the diabetes mellitus
    • hypothyroidism
    • stomach ulcers
    • heart disease
    • liver diseases
    • kidney failure.
  3. You should also let him know if the cat is lactating or pregnant.

Side Effects Of Prednisone:

Even if the prednisone will help your cat’s body system to function better and in coping with the disease, it has also some side effects that you should be aware of before you give the medicine to your cat.

  • Too much thirst: Prednisone normally makes the cat feel too thirsty which will also mean more water intake. Since the cat will be taking extra water, it will also mean that it will urinate more often than normal
  • Too much hunger: the prednisone is used in cases of low appetite. The cat can begin to crave for more food which will increase the chances of gaining weight.
  • Stomach upset: the digestive system and stomach of the cat can be upset when it uses the prednisone and sometimes it can cause the cat to have diarrhea.
  • Infections: the prednisone, if it is given on higher, does it can affect the immune system and the infections or viruses which were dormant can reappear and they may need to be treated at their turn.
  • The hair loss: when this medicine is used for long, it can cause the hair of your cat to look dull and to eventually fall off.
  • The behavior of a cat also can change and it can begin to be aggressive or to hide

Different Ways To Reduce The Risks:

To reduce the cases or the severity of the prednisone side effects in cats, you have to keep the following in mind.

  1. You should never give your cat the medicine without the doctor prescription. Give the medicine as you have been told and if there is something you do not understand you should ask your pharmacist.
  2. Give the medicine with food.
  3. Always keep clean water where the pet can get it.
  4. The medicine has to be kept away from heat and moisture and where the children cannot reach.
  5. In case you missed to give the dosage to the cat, then you have to skip it if you remembered it too late. However, if you remember about it before the day has passed, then you have to give it as soon as possible.
  6. In case you overdosed the cat, you have to talk to a veterinarian as soon as possible. However, it is unlikely to find a single high dose to cause any problem and rarely death. A high dose can affect your pet, only if it has been given over a long period and the effect of the overdose can be like prednisone side effects in cats such as:
    • Panting
    • weight gain
    • increased thirst
    • cushing’s syndrome
    • urination
    • diarrhea
    • vomiting

If you begin to see any prednisone side effects in cats, you have to ask the help of a doctor immediately and you have to keep your pet clear of any drug prior to your pet’s veterinarian asking for this. You have also to know about other medicines which interact with the prednisone before you begin to give it to your cat.

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