Taking Prednisone A Steroid With Both Pros And Cons

As we know that Prednisone is a steroid and is used to cure so many diseases worldwide-sometimes to cure them and sometimes to get them under control and helps the drugs in combination to control them. In general, it is a very good medicine to cure the disease that are fatal or to be fatal and painful like arthritis and inflammations. This drug is widely used all over the world for its efficacy and effectiveness against some of the diseases which are nonresponding to the other medications that have been in use for so long. This medicine is not without pros and cons which are very clearly understood so far. As the clinical studies and medical researchers are really doing a great job to understand all about this medicine to use is properly and effectively in the future. Some of the common side effects are as follows but keep in mind that these are common side effects of Prednisone which are normally seen in the patients but this list does not comprise of all side effects. Some important and most noticed side effects are:

  • Mood elevation and depressions are common in this case.
  • The hair growth abnormally increases over the body; a very common side effect of a steroid.
  • The chipmunk cheeks which are also called facial mooning is a common thing.
  • Increased appetite is seen in patients who are using these drugs
  • One feels sweating at night
  • There are always some kind headaches in the patients
  • Appearance if acne is quite common reason in this case
  • Weight gains seen in patients who are using these drugs for a longer time period.
  • Lhe long term use of this drug can lead to some sort of dependency or addiction which really affects the bone and ultimately becomes carcinogenic and death may occur in severe conditions.

So there is a long list of nasty side effects of the drug, that’s why it is always advised to use them in a really sensible way so that you can lower the effects of the drug and at the same time do better by using this potentially great drug; no matter it has some pros and cons. If this drug is so dangerous then the point comes why it is being used for so long and still some people love it for its effectiveness. Its demand is increasing day by day.

The answer is quite simple and that is; Prednisone has pros and cons for its use but still, it is so effective against some inflammations and pain-related diseases that one really craves for this drug when in pain. So, taking this drug can bring some wonderful time in their lives which is free of pain, misery, and tension.

As we know that this drug is a blocker of the adrenal gland, this is the process which really helps in stoppage or reduction of inflammation process in the body and hence saving it from unlimited pain which otherwise is there forever if the drug not taken. That is why it is loved to be on the list of treating medicines in most of the diseases treatments, which are majorly involving the inflammations. And another advantage of this great drug is that it is really swift in action so that the patients who are administered with this drug can get really quick relief and removal of pain instantly.

You need to be extra careful when you are going to decrease the dose of this medicine as it is strongly recommended that the patient who is using this drug should not stop taking this drug instantly. As we know that the body is also a good producer of this drug naturally; so you need to give some time to the body to produce this drug with the passage of time. It is recommended that you should taper the dosage with the passage of time so allowing the body to become used to it. another alarming fact is that that children are also taking this dangerous drug now a days to cure some sort of troubles they  had or have generated recently.

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One thought on “Taking Prednisone A Steroid With Both Pros And Cons

  1. I keep information on most of the drugs and medicines that are being used to treat various forms of ailments. I have heard both about the pros and cons of Prednisone, which is a very popular corticosteroid that is very commonly used for the treatment of various forms of inflammation, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance and many other such problems. Though the drug is effective and not very expensive, I have doubts about the safety of use of the drug on a long term basis, because of the various side effects ranging from obesity, acne, fluid retention and other such problems. I also understand that long term use of this drug also causes acceleration of the process of cataract illness in aged people.

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