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The materials provided by the service should in no circumstances used for diagnosis of a disease. The materials in prednisone side effects are not completely examined and it is impossible for a service like this to provide all the up to date research analysis in medical science. The information which is provided by the service are common aspects of medical conditions and sometimes some commonly found phenomena may not be included as well.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that whoever uses this service should consult a doctor in order to obtain a better and an accurate diagnosis.

As some of the information containing in the service is provided by a third party, we do not warrant that the information provided by them is true as we are unable to verify that information. Furthermore, this service does not conduct an independent clinic or any form of trials.

The site has no warranty that 1) your requirements will be met by the service 2) uninterrupted, free of error and a secured service will be provided. 3) the results obtained from the service is accurate and reliable and 5) the quality of the service provided by the site is up to your expectations

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This service excludes liabilities for any kind of losses or damages regarding the service and its information, content, products, and advertisements etc. These will apply to such claims or damages that occur due to the negligence, tort or contract. As a customer, if you have any statutory rights they will not be affected.

The information and the material in the discussion forum on the site are provided by the general public and they are presented non-medical general audience only for discussion purposes.  These materials are not provided by our medical team.

The material in the discussion forum has no intention to replace any kind of professional medical treatment and we always advise our users to consult a doctor before starting any kind of treatment. The content of the forum should not be based on any kind of treatment and the service bears no liabilities for its content in the forum.

If you do not agree to these conditions you have the complete right to leave the prednisone side effects.

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