Prednisone And Diabetes – Be Careful In Taking Steroid When You Are Diabetic

The hormones are now a day the most commonly used preparations which are being used for different diseases and ailments all over the world now days. It is a big in, in fashion among the people who are really busy in their daily routines and are really short of time to things calmly and don’t have time to wait for the results. Ultimately this hasty behavior really triggering the use of hormones in the form of steroids. This trend of using these steroids really causing some very problematic situations in the people who are using steroids for their health problem.

There are so many steroids available in the market for a different type of requirements and prednisone is one of them. Bean a corticosteroid prednisone is normally used to treat such conditions in the body that occur due to low production of steroid by the body of the patient. This medicine is used for the procurement of following medical problems:

  • Arthritis
    To cure arthritis doctor normally prescribed this drug. Which is a disease the patient feels pain in his joints.
  • Ulcerative Colitis
    Health care provider feels prednisone beneficial for the procurement of the disease like ulcerative colitis suffering from this disease the patient face the bowl and rectum infection.
  • Hirsutism
    This is a very unusual situation for the women in which some unwanted hair grow in such part of the body where normally hare do not grow in women. This drug is also sued for the treatment of this situation.
  • Lupus
    Skin problem caused due to swelling of some tissues under the skin and appear in the form of red spots on the skin can be cured by the prednisone.
  • Psoriasis
    It is another skin disease caused by the swelling of the tissues under the skin and patient feel a mild pain in the area where the red patches appear and some sort of irritation also felt. Prednisone is a suitable medicine for the procurement of this disease.

In case of prednisone and diabetes use of Prednisone for longer periods of time can cause in steroid-induced problem like diabetes. Steroid-like prednisone can cause to raise the sugar level in blood.  This raising of blood sugar really trigger the Islets of Langerhans the specialized cells responsible to secrete the insulin in the body to nullify the sugar levels, putting more pressures on these cells to secrete insulin more resulting in exhausting of the cells and making them unable to produce more insulin for future sugar levels in the blood.

Therefore, doctor or medical care provider normally prescribes some extra dose of diabetes treatment medicine to the patient using prednisone and suffering from diabetes. If the patient is taking some pills the doctor advised the patient to increase the potency of the pills during the usage of this drug and if the patient is taking the insulin for the treatment of diabetes the doctor advised the patient to inject some extra amount of insulin to offset the raised level of diabetes in blood due to use of prednisone. But this extra insulin really can do some damage as for as the activity of a diabetic patient is not calculated normally and extra insulin can really get into the play and result can be severe hypoglycemia and some serious results may occur if this is not taken carefully.

If a diabetic person has to use this drug then he or she should take advice from the doctor to do so and let your doctor examine you and fix the dose for you. This will really help you a lot while you are treating your sugar levels with insulin. Furthermore, this steroid really has the power of biomagnifications of the chemicals which are being used for some treatments in the form of medication. So be very careful when you are using this drug.

If you have taken the extra dose then you must rush to the hospital to see the doctor to get the proper treatment. And if you have missed the dose then don’t take it on remembering but you should wait till the time of next dose and take it when the time of that comes. The issues relating to prednisone and diabetes are discussed by most of the diabetic patients.

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