Interaction B/W Prednisone And Birth Control – No Or Very Little Effect

I have talked many people especially women to get the response about the interaction of prednisone and birth control issues. As birth control is very important for the women they always remain conscious of the issue. Few of the give their opinion that there is no or little effect on the use of this drug on birth controls. However few of them talked to me about their experience that they got sick on getting the prednisone drug and the birth control pill at the same time. The said that these two drugs create a mess while using simultaneously. According to their opinion birth control pill increase the effect of steroid which causes a lot of other complication. Actually, the prednisone is a very strong steroid and with the combination of birth control pills the strength of steroidal effects increases and causes the real damage to the health.

There some common issues about the use of prednisone and birth control especially the patient suffering IDU may lose the fertility and the prednisone is a steroid which also increases this situation in the body of the patient taking this drug with some other birth control medicines. Not only it reduces the fertility but also creates some other complication in the body of the patients. The use of prednisone greatly disturb the menstrual periods sometimes in increasing the time and sometimes it causes to change the date which can affect the birth control strategies up to some extent.

Most of the doctor does not think that prednisone has not much concern with the birth control techniques especially birth control pills. Because most of the women using prednisone create some other side effect which has no concern with the fertility process in women. Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of prednisone is safe while using the birth control pill simultaneously up to large extents. Prednisone and birth control can be maintained without suffering any complication.

As mentioned above the birth control issues are very important for women now a day. Therefore women remain more concern about this and check the effects of other medicines on the process of birth control here few of the birth control techniques are discussed to discuss the effect of the use of prednisone with birth control techniques:

  • Taking Birth Control Pills
    This is a very common way of controlling birth in women and most of the women find it fit for them. Actually, the birth control pill mostly consists of hormones which not only reduces the fertility but also cause some other effect to control the unwanted pregnancy. The hormones make a change in the mucus of the ovary not to host a fertilized egg. These pills disturb the normal cycle of hormones in the women this causes not to release an egg which can be fertilized by the sperm. As prednisone has not much effect on the hormonal change in the body, therefore, it does not cause any issue of Prednisone and birth control.
  • Use Of a Vaginal Ring
    A vaginal ring is another technique to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. It is also very effective and works on two methods it not only stops the excretion of an egg from the ovary physically but also stops the sperms to reach the eggs. Moreover, the ring also generates the favorable environment for hormonal change effectively in the body of the women. Use of steroid s as medicine for the treatment some disease like allergy, acne, and etc. has no or very little effect on this method of birth control.
  • Use Of Condom
    Use of a condom is very common and safe technique in birth control. It has no side effect on the health of the man and women exercising this technique to control the birth of unwanted chilled. The prednisone has absolutely no effect on this technique of birth control.

More or less there is no or very remote health problem associated with using steroid like prednisone related to the birth control, especially in women. I have discussed the view of some patients taken from different blogs and the view of medical experts from their websites I find no problem between Prednisone and birth control processes and medication used for the birth control. Somehow some minor problem may occur but mostly it is safe.

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