Prednisone 1 mg – Wonders Of Small Pills

This pill is a round shape and white colored and flat-faced tablet which is the beveled-edged tablet and is containing Prednisone 1 mg. It also contains some non-medicinal ingredients. Non-medicinal ingredients which are present in the tablet are as follows:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Lactose monohydrate
  • Croscarmellose sodium
  • Magnesium stearate.

You must have observed that this drug has really some legendary fame in the people. it is liked by those people who are fed up with the traditional painkiller and anti-inflammatory drugs as they are of no use for them and cause no difference to their sufferings. This drug is present in 1 mg to 50 mg range and every mg has a different effect on the body. This drug is used for the treatment of different kinds of ailments all over the world. So, many companies are making this drug and are really earning profit from this drug all over the world. As the pharmacy has gone online, so the manufactures of this drug are also making some good amount of money and cashing its fame all over the world by selling millions of the tablets online to get some good profits.

Being in the class of steroids which are also produced in a normal body, this drug is very effective against the diseases it is used normally. But at the same time, it is very dangerous as all other steroids become dangerous when taken for a longer period of time and that is also indiscriminately.  Prednisone 1 mg is normally used for the smaller diseases like allergies and painkilling purposes.

Skin is very sensitive as we all know and a little rash can really cause some bad irritations on the skin of the body and can cause some trouble to the person who is suffering from this thing. Using prednisone 1 mg for this purpose is really very effective as there is no need of taking high doses for smaller things like headaches and allergies which are not very serious as if of some carcinogenic pains and things.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that this is a steroid and once you have taken a steroid for a longer period and furthermore, you become used to, it then there is no going back. You will become addicted to it and it would become really difficult for you to get rid of it easily and the other bad thing that happens to your body. Actually what happens is that the concentration of the drug in the body increases slowly and reaches the level which can cause some other problems and your body can be affected badly. As the rate of this drug is increased in the body at a slow pace, it starts affecting the body badly over a  longer period of time.

As this drug is considered to be the killer of the immune system and your body really becomes hypersensitive to so many other diseases and can cause the body to react like a body which is suffering from AIDS. It means that the weak immune system cannot control the smaller inflammations and diseases when this drug is really taking a toll on the body. So it is suggested to be taken in smaller doses when one is suffering from petty health issues.It is strongly recommended by the doctors to take this drug at irregular intervals to decrease the side effects which this drug can have on a normal body. The doctors also say that the intake of this pill should not be stopped suddenly. Some time should be given to the body of a person to recover from what we call the drug abuse so that it starts making its own chemical which is effective against the diseases for which this drug was being taken. There are many prednisone side effects of this drugs but few of them are listed below:

  • Chest congestions are normal drug abuse
  • Feeling of fever and mood shifts are common
  • Increased weight is seen in this drug abuse when taken for longer time
  • Hair production on the body is increased
  • The skin becomes glazed and fluffy and one feels some inching and sometime pain even on just mild touch.
  • Bad throats are seen in this drug abuse very commonly.

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