Prednisone Weight Gain – How To Handle It

Prednisone – life-saving drug- has many side effects and one of them is weight gain. It appears to be a great problem at different stages of your age if not tackled well. The side effects that are brought by the use of prednisone are well known and well recognized in the world. The important question is how to prevent weight gain as a result of the use of prednisone. And if you observe any physiological changes in you after the drug’s use, it’s highly recommended to go for medical advice. This problem of weight gain can be recovered and handled well if noticed at early stages. The delay in taking measures to control it may lead to various problems that are out of your imagination and to take doctor’s advice is the best way to avoid the problems in future. The use of alcohol is not better for your health as it may lead to serious health problems including hypertension, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcer. So, if you want to avoid weight gain or even if you want to control weight gain,it is necessary to avoid alcohol. The use of prednisone and the process of weight gain are directly proportional to each other.

The long-term use of prednisone may cause accumulation of fats in the body. Because of fat deposition, one can easily gain weight. Another technique is the habit of exercise and one can easily handle this serious issue of obesity with the help of exercise.  Exercise and that is done if daily—is the key to avoid weight gain.  Healthy diet-if taken will add up to benefits along with exercise.

While talking about diet, one should always keep in mind that healthy diet means heart-friendly diet.  The proper intake of heart-friendly diet would prevent further weight gain and would help in losing the accumulated fats.  Some of the examples of heart-friendly diets are fruits, green leafy vegetables, grains and low-fat milk and yogurt.  Similarly, intake of meat, fish, and eggs is as important as te intake of other healthy food items.  Regular exercise of 20 minutes would trigger the process of losing the fats. Similarly, another best way to prevent weight gain is to bring your alcohol intake to the limited point or to zero points, if one can resist.

If you want to have information about prednisone and weight gain then you can use the source of internet.It is reported that increase in appetite and weight gain are two important  prednisone side effects. The weight gain is associated with the long-term use of prednisone, therefore, predinsone dosage should be decreased with the passage of time so that this problem can be avoided. The amount of weight gain may vary from individual to individual. The most fatal side effect of prednisone is that it may cause redistribution of fats to the face, abdomen, and neck. It is a very severe side effect of this medicine. Therefore it is necessary to use this medicine with care so that you can avoid this problem. If weight gain is observed then it is important to see the doctor immediately.

Prednisone is a member of corticosteroids group and it is usually used for the treatment of inflammations and suppression of immune system. In some cases, it is also used for the treatment of cancer so you can say that it is a very important medicine. This medicine is available in different forms you can use it in liquid form and also tablets form. Therefore; prednisone is easy to be used by the people. Prednisone can affect the immune system, asthma, and several allergies. But weight gain with prednisone is very common. The connection between prednisone and weight gain is important. The prednisone may cause weight gain in different ways. First of all, it induces the body to absorb more sodium and to lose more potassium. The more absorption of sodium is fatal and it may cause weight gain. When the level of sodium and potassium is disturbed in the body; then it starts to absorb more water and fluids. Fluid retention occurs due to absorption of more fluids and liquids and it finally leads to weight gain.

The second way to increase the weight is increased appetite. The prednisone is also known to increase the appetite. Therefore; the increase in appetite may lead to the more consumption of food products and water, so water retention occurs due to this problem. The more consumption of food products leads to weight gain. Similarly, the prednisone may cause redistribution of fats in the body. You may experience an unwanted accumulation of fats in some specific areas of the body. The accumulation of fat may occur in different areas of the body. And most of the times it accumulates on face, neck, and abdomen. Accumulation of fats can be avoided with the help of routine exercise and by having small meals. The exercise is beneficial to avoid weight gain. Therefore if one needs to avoid the accumulation of fats in the body, the doctor should be visited regularly to have latest and valid information about prednisone and weight gain.

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