Prednisone & Advil For The Treatment Of Inflammation

Advil is an anti-inflammatory medicine that suppresses inflammation quickly and rapidly. The mode of action of Advil is very unique because it reduces the number of specific hormones in the human body that causes inflammation. There are present various types of chemical and hormones that cause inflammation. The use of Advil is not specific and limited to inflammation instead you can use it for the treatment of back pain, headache and various allergic reactions. The function of Advil is nearly similar to prednisone because it is also used for the treatment of inflammation and allergies. If you want to use the Advil then you should discuss it with your health provider. The use of this medicine may cause various types of life-threatening problem like strokes, heart attacks, and many other problems. Therefore after bypass surgery, the use of Advil is not effective and better. The use of this medicine after bypass surgery can lead you to severe conditions and results. You should seek emergency help if you observe pain in the body, shortness of breath and general weakness while taking Advil. Inflammation and infections are very common in the world and you can face this problem in your life. Therefore for the treatment of inflammation you can use the prednisone and Advil because both are very effective medicines.

Before using any kind of medicine you need to provide information about your complete medical history to your doctor always so that he can recommend better medicine for you. If you have any type of heart problem then it is not beneficial for you. You should meet with your doctor if you observe

  • Heart problems, heart strokes and angina
  • Heart diseases, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure
  • Stomach bleeding, asthma
  • Liver disease or renal failure
  • Pain in the various parts of body

You should seek emergency treatment if you have this problem while taking prednisone and Advil because it is necessary for you.  The maximum dose for a person is 800 milligram for Advil. But you can increase or decrease the dose after some time. It is a very powerful medicine and it is systemic in nature, therefore, overdosage of this medicine can cause various problems and side effects. Therefore if you want to avoid from its side effects then you need to use it as it is prescribed to you. You need to follow your prescription. The dose of Advil is not same for all instead it depends upon several factors like age, medical condition of patient and severity of disease. If the age of patient is under 20 then he should use lower dose instead if he is above 50 then higher dose is recommended in this situation. The disease severity is also an important consideration and higher dose is recommended for the severe disease condition.

Interaction of Advil is possible with other medicines like aspirin and many others. Therefore if you are using aspirin then it is not better to take aspirin. There is no interaction present between prednisone and Advil, therefore, combine use is possible but not beneficial. It is better to use one medicine so that you can avoid from side effects later. Similarly, the use of cigarettes and alcohol is also not beneficial while taking prednisone. You can use prednisone for the treatment of various disorder like allergic reactions, pain in the various parts of the body, headache, respiratory problems and severe fever. Before the use of any medicine, it is better to discuss it with your doctor so that you can avoid form future problems. While taking these medicines you can face several side effects but some important and common side effects include chest pain, shortness of breath, poor digestion, suppression of appetite, coughing, vomiting and weight gain. This is not a complete list of side effects because there are also many other side effects associated with these medicines.

Don’t use prednisone if are suffering from any type of medical problem because the interaction between disease and prednisone is possible. Therefore don’t use any type of medicine without prescription and doctor advice. In case of emergency, you should seek quick medical treatment. Prednisone is the best medicine to treat various problems.

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