Prednisone 20 Mg- Cure Of Breathing Problems

The relation of human and medicines is as old as human race. In the old times, human beings use to cure their illnesses by using many fruits and vegetable extracts. The modern sciences which we see nowadays had not been simple in early times. In past, science subjects were not separately studied; people are making their researchers in many fields at the same time. Later, when science is divided into branches and people started working in specific fields; they brought great revolutions. Regarding the field of medical, the synthetic medicines have brought the great revolution. By using synthetic medicines, doctors are able to cure many diseases and clinical problems which were thought to be incurable for hundreds of years. And still, people are making researchers develop the medicine for the cure of AIDS which is thought to be incurable at present.

Keeping our topic of discussion in range of Prednisone tablets, these tablets are used to manage the inflammatory diseases and its effects. Prednisone tablets are also in use for the treatment of certain types of cancers. Talking about the mode of action, this tablet controls the symptoms of many inflammatory diseases by lowering the immune response of the body and reducing the possible symptoms on the human body. But, in doing so as it reduces the human body immune responses, it makes the human body vulnerable to many other infections.

In this topic we will take account of one of the doses of Prednisone tablets; that is Prednisone 20mg.  This medicine is reported to be used in the treatment of many indications such as asthma, hypercalcemia which is mainly related to cancer, severe cases of tuberculosis. It is also reported to be used in the nephritic syndrome, thyroiditis, and many other serious conditions. Some people are of the view that Prednisone 20mg should be used after major operations. But doctors don’t recommend this medicine after major operations like heart surgery and organ transplant because of its mode of action. As already told, Prednisone tablets show it to action by reducing the human body immune response to symptoms. And if these tablets are recommended to the patients after a major surgery, then it will make the patient more vulnerable to the secondary infection as it reduces the immune response of the body.

Prednisone 20mg tablets are also recommended by the doctors in the treatment of the migraines and cluster headache. This medicine is thought to be antitumor as it is recommended by a doctor to cure hypercalcemia as early symptoms of cancer. A prednisone tablet is one of the important drugs that are used for the treatment of lymphoblastic leukemia, myeloma and other types of the tumors that are caused as result of their sensitivity to the hormones.

Sometimes there are two faces of a picture; same is the result in case of this medicine. Despite of all its benefits this medicine, there are many prednisone side effects. These side effects may range from minute to severe type. Depending upon the body type and response of an internal system to this medicine, side effects are as follows.

  • One of biggest disadvantages of using this medicine is that it causes high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels.
  • Besides this it causes patient to become over weight or may get weight gain.
  • Muscle fatigue
  • abdominal pain
  • stomach upset
  • depression
  • reduced sleep
  • change in mood and behavior
  • pain in different parts of the body especially hips
  • anxiety
  • mouth taste becomes sour.

Always use this medicine only when it is recommended by the doctor otherwise use of Prednisone 20mg tablets for more than seven days changes the normal production of the adrenalin in the body. And in some severe cases, the body loses the natural ability to make adrenalin. In this case, the doctors advise patients not to stop taking medicine at once and their long-term use is not recommended in order to avoid harmful effects for the natural production of adrenalin.

Before recommending this medicine to the patients, doctors always want to know the medical history of the patients if he is having some kind of infection or some type of operation and many other things like this. This is done because there are medicines that could interact with the Prednisone. Some of them have good effects while other medicines may have a harmful interaction with the Prednisone tablets.

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